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Outercourse is a kind of safe sex without the sperm entering into the vagina. Outercourse may include any sex play such as petting, oral and anal sex, masturbation, and other forms of sex without vaginal penetration.

The main types of outercourse include:

  • kissing
  • oral sex. For women it is called cunnilingus, for men - fellation
  • footjob
  • manual stimulation
  • breast frottage
  • others

Since outercourse does not foresees the introduction of the penis into vagina, the sperm cannot make a woman pregnant. Since the contact of the sperm and eggs is absent, this method of contraception can be considered the safes with the efficiency rate of 99.9%. Pregnancy may occur in the only case when the sperm or pre-ejaculate fell on the vulva and got into the vagina. However, this accident can be avoided if to be careful.

Another big advantage of the outercourse is its ability to prevent from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, if the body fluids are exchanged during kissing or vaginal / oral sex, this won't protect you of the infection. It is advised to additionally use a barrier method of contraception like a condom. If a partner has herpes and HPV, they can be transmitted through a skin-to-skin contact, so outercourse is not the right method to be used by such patients.

Outercourse has no side effects and can be used as much as wanted. The benefits of outercourse include:

  • no costs
  • no side effects
  • does not affect the hormonal balance of the body
  • in most cases, prevents from STDs
  • helps partners get to know each other's bodies better
  • can be used any by nursing and pregnant women

This method is not good for those who cannot be sure to abstain for intercourse. Such people must use other methods of contraception, e.g. barrier, intravaginal, etc.

Outercourse is the best choice for those who cannot have a vaginal sex for medical reasons, e.g. during treatment of a STD.

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